100 Nights of Summer 2017 Dates: June 3-September 11, 2017

    Want your company to be involved in a one-of-kind sponsorship opportunity? The 100 Nights of Summer Tour is the first of its kind — a music festival sojourn of the best celebrations in Europe. Over the course of 100 days, the Music Festival Wizard team travels to 15 festivals in 15 consecutive weekends. It’s an epic journey of adventure travel combined with a deep love of the festival lifestyle.

    About Sponsorship Packages/Pricing

    Your company is unique and so is 100 Nights of Summer. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all sponsorship and will work with you to create one that will fit any budget and any style.

    Examples of Sponsorship Placements:
    -Placements on sponsorship official page
    -Social media call-outs
    -Editorial on your product/service
    -Custom content for your company blog
    -Advertising on Music Festival Wizard
    -Gear reviews

    About 100 Nights of Summer

    15 festivals. 15 weekends. 15 countries. In 2015, we created a simple tagline for a unique festival adventure. Then we tapped Vito Valentinetti, the co-founder of Music Festival Wizard, to carry out this crazy plan. And he delivered. Traveling much like our fans, our resident festival expert sampled every form of transport from trains to planes to hitchhiking. No VIP treatment here — Vito camps with the festival fans and experiences life from the center of the crowd (okay, sometimes he does slip up front to snap some pics).

    About Vito Valentinetti

    Vito Valentinetti, a professional vagabond and editor-in-chief of the epic website Music Festival Wizard, is your tour guide for 100 Nights of Summer. He’s been to 60+ festivals in 22 countries and still thinks that’s not enough. Learn more about him in Frequently Asked Questions.

    About Music Festival Wizard

    100 Nights of Summer is presented by Music Festival Wizard, one of the largest and oldest music festival websites in the world. Founded in 2009 by a pair of festival fans, the website has grown into a first stop for music festival research.

    Annual Visitors: 4.2 million uniques
    Annual Circulation: 22 million pageviews
    Demographics: 65% 18-35
    Social Media Reach: 29,000+

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