The Reviews: I Slept in the Hallway of a Ferry
    No mosquitoesClimate controlled/no rainBudget friendly cruise
    You are sleeping on the floor in a public space
    4.5Overall Score

    This summer, I’ve traveled on more than a few ferries — or as I like to call them “budget cruises”. Pack up some picnic goodies, a local bottle of wine, grab a deck chair with a view, and you’re in for a wonderful day of sailing the high seas. If you need to stretch your travel dollars, an overnight ferry is one of my favorite ways to get from point A to B. Here are some tips I picked up during a long trip from Italy to Croatia.

    No Room, No Problem: While overnight ferries offer plenty of spacious rooms with beds and bathrooms and other fancy people amenities, the ship crew seem to have no issues with passengers bunking out for the night out in common areas. Much like my overnight airport stays, dozens of fellow passengers took advantage of saving a few bucks by sleeping on the floor.

    Stay Warm and Comfortable: Watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea is not to be missed and while you’re sipping on the aforementioned wine, you may just decide to camp out on the deck. Be warned — these ferries are hauling ass, and you’re going to get cold, especially around that two in the morning time.

    Stake Your Spot Early: While you were up top scoping that epic sunset, the savvy ferry campers have already laid claim to the best spots on the ship. We’re talking the quiet corners away from foot traffic and spacious spots with couches. Coming in late (stupid amazing Italian sunsets), I was lucky enough to find a quiet location next to the stairwell. It even came equipped with the unicorn of travel camping — an electrical outlet!

    Get The Gear: Like most overnight excursions over the 100 Nights of Summer tour, my Klymit Pad crushed it for comfort. And while the crew across the hall from me struggled to keep warm with jackets-as-blankets I slipped into the Sea to Summit liner and slept like a baller.

    The Review: 4.5 out of 5. I get to save money, take a scenic cruise, and pull a great night’s rest? Add in the climate control and lack of mosquitoes? I’ll take this scenario every chance I get. Still have to dock in that half star, as I’ll never completely get used to sleeping in a hallway. Also, they never turn off the lights.